Pulse Pressure more reasons Blood Pressure Matters!

Hello Nurse,

In this sheet I cover hemodynamics from my book Cardiac KAMP – Cracking the Code on Cardiac now available as a digital download for all members. It is over 90 pages going over what you need to know on Cardiac to include my study sheetsThis is a DRAFT so there is some typos IM SURE!

So, Pulse pressure is important as it is often overlooked in nursing but can be one of the few signs leading to complications of your patient.

Normal Pulse Pressure is 40 – PP = Diastolic minus Systolic

Though Low is BASH – Bleeding, Aortic Stenosis and Heart Failure

High is High & Afar – Atherosclerosis Fever Aortic Regurge

Well nurses remember to be THAT nurse , not that nurse. Nurseon! KAMP

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