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Abnormal Pulse Ox is it in the CARDS?

Pulse Oximetry is not always what it seems, and never treat the machine- Always assess the numbers for an underlying cause of the abnormal before an intervention is placed. This stickenote covers underlying causes of Low Pulse Oximetry.      

Partially Compensated ABG

Working on my ABG anaylis sheets in 3 steps. Since i have never been a fan of ROME or Tictac toe I find this to be pretty fool proof in teaching ABG analysis. ABA BAB method is the easiest to decode. Since it allows it to be further classified asRead More

Clinical Report Sheet Outline SBAR SHAMLD

Taken from my Clinical Nursing KAMP’s Clinical you should know book. I cover the three major areas that may cause complications in your patient. CARDIAC- Assessment, Medications, and lab values PULMONARY -Assessment, Medications, and lab values RENAL Assessment, Medications, and lab values This includes THE SBAR reporting method for reportingRead More

Albuterol The only Rescue Inhaler!

What is it? Albuterol is the only Rescue inhaler it is given in ACUTE Situations when someone is having difficult breathing- Acute Asthma- Bronchitis or Pneumonia or other respiratory conditions Why Give it? To open the airways to make the patient breath better. NCLEX School Trap! A patient should neverRead More