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Al Be as a Sulfur Pencel? Whats Albumin Have to do with it?>

Did you Al be asa Acid Sulfa Pencel I know spelled wrong but theses are the reasons for low albumin or possible reasons. Though Albumin is a chronic Lab since it’s  Made in the liver and the half life is 20 days it is usually the true indicator of chronicRead More

NCLEX-200-Medications that affect Magnesium Levels_MEDS_StickEnotes_Nursing KAMP LAB-088

Magnesium Usually Low and these may be the meds!

Magnesium is absorbed in the small intestines, with the rest excreted by the kidneys. Magnesium has a direct relationship with Calcium and phosphorus. Meaning if they are calcium or phosphorus is low the magnesium is down as well. Magnesium deficiency is the most likely on inpatient admissions due to nutritionRead More

Hemoglobin VS Hematocrit

In this StickEnote I go over the connection of Hemoglobin and Hematocrit. Hgb – Hemoglobin = 10 – 14 Females 12-16 Males • Hemoglobin carries oxygen so it’s about perfusion • Low is Acute and it is either bleeding or needing a transfusion • Chronic LACCK –Leukemia Anemia Cancer ChronicRead More

Can you hear me- Ototoxic Medications

Hello Nurse, In this sheet I cover Ototoxic medications. These meds result in loss of hearing and are important to be aware of since they are related to the NCLEX and Nursing Practice. Patients reporting any difficulty hearing with these medications, should be assessed and possibly medications held. Interesting toRead More

Most Pts Do Wish- Recognizing Tachycardia as the Boat Coming!

In this Nurses Note I cover tachycardic causes with the mnemonic “Most Pts Do Wish! ” These are all causes of high heart rate a patient that has a heart rate of greater than 90 should be further evaluated! M- Medication- Albuterol Treatments? O- Oxygen Deprivation- What are the patientsRead More

Partially Compensated ABG

Working on my ABG anaylis sheets in 3 steps. Since i have never been a fan of ROME or Tictac toe I find this to be pretty fool proof in teaching ABG analysis. ABA BAB method is the easiest to decode. Since it allows it to be further classified asRead More

Clinical Lab Sheet BMP Basic Metabolic Panel

Basic Metabolic Panel Why is it drawn? Gives a clearer picture of the patients metabolic system inside the blood this represents what is going on with the patient. These electrolytes and labs could be ACUTE indicator of your patient impending complications. Admission: To assess and establish baseline of the patientRead More

Liver Toxic Medications No Stat Fat V Acids

In this quick StickEnote I cover the most common meds that cause Liver Dysfunction so Make sure you watch for elevations in AST or ALT with these medications or Evaluate prior to administration!