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NCLEX-200-Medications that affect Magnesium Levels_MEDS_StickEnotes_Nursing KAMP LAB-088

Magnesium Usually Low and these may be the meds!

Magnesium is absorbed in the small intestines, with the rest excreted by the kidneys. Magnesium has a direct relationship with Calcium and phosphorus. Meaning if they are calcium or phosphorus is low the magnesium is down as well. Magnesium deficiency is the most likely on inpatient admissions due to nutritionRead More

Clinical Lab Sheet BMP Basic Metabolic Panel

Basic Metabolic Panel Why is it drawn? Gives a clearer picture of the patients metabolic system inside the blood this represents what is going on with the patient. These electrolytes and labs could be ACUTE indicator of your patient impending complications. Admission: To assess and establish baseline of the patientRead More

Defib Dead or Cardiovert Not Dead Yet That is the Question

In this StickEnote I cover Defibrillation vs Cardioversion Defibrillation is used to shock patients with threatening rhythms with no pulse patients are usually requiring CPR in between rhythm shocks by a defibrillator. Cardioversion is a shock that is used to convert a rhythm that they might walk in to get itRead More

Cardiac ABCDE order of Priority

Here is my study sheet on my Cardiac ABCDE they are in order of priority A are your acute medications that are used in acute situations- A hand sewn Lad” – Adenosine-Heparin-Atropine-Nitro-Dopamine-Streptokinase-Epinepherine-Warfarin-Neophenerine-Levophed-Amiodarone-Dobutamine– ALL ACUTE– CARDIAC MEDICATIONS B- Is your Betablockers can be IV or PO C- Calcium channel blockers- FirstRead More

Chloride High or Low Look somewhere Else!

Chloride Low is acute since it usually accompanied by Low Potassium and Sodium since it works directly on balancing acid base balances it works with HCO3/CO2 when its low Bicarb will be high. Mostly all treatment is guided on treating the underlying cause. You see chloride low think it isRead More

Sodium High is Dry! Low is Uhohh!

Sodium Low is a ACUTE basically the fluid is not in the right space so it can be problematic in fluid resuscitation especially with ICP and fluid shifts causing seizures and potential coma So that makes low ACUTE less than 120 we really start to worry about sodium.   In sodiumRead More