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When Having a Big Heart isn’t a Good Thing…Cardiomyopathy

When Having a Big Heart isn’t a Good Thing…Cardiomyopathy In this Study Sheet I cover the difference between cardiomyopathies. Cardiomyopathy is a modeling change of the Hearts Muscle Tissue. There are two conditions Dilated Cardiomyopathy (big floppy heart resulting in weak contractions– or Hypertrophic (big trophy hearts resulting in poorRead More


Tachycardiac Causes – The Nurses Scribble Notes

Been working on my lectures to put them into videos on my concepts behind the StickEnotes. Here is Tachycardia

Hemoglobin VS Hematocrit

In this StickEnote I go over the connection of Hemoglobin and Hematocrit. Hgb – Hemoglobin = 10 – 14 Females 12-16 Males • Hemoglobin carries oxygen so it’s about perfusion • Low is Acute and it is either bleeding or needing a transfusion • Chronic LACCK –Leukemia Anemia Cancer ChronicRead More

Pulse Pressure more reasons Blood Pressure Matters!

Hello Nurse, In this sheet I cover hemodynamics from my book Cardiac KAMP – Cracking the Code on Cardiac now available as a digital download for all members. It is over 90 pages going over what you need to know on Cardiac to include my study sheetsThis is a DRAFTRead More

New Clinical KAMP Book and Badges Out!

Finished my Clinical KAMP book that incorporates my Assessment sheets and the Blood Book into one, also the new fishbone pen and new ID badges check them out in my Etsy Shop! Great gift for the nurse you know! Remember if you need to get in touch with me MessageRead More

The Boat coming in the form of a clot!

Hello Nurses, In this Nursing Tip I focus on the Boat Coming or seeing the reasons and complications before it becomes a problem, and the problem of focus is a DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis or Pulmonary Embolism!(PE) Some Basics: Thrombosis – Means Stationary or ticking time bomb Embolism – MeansRead More

I mean Chad… Check the MAP it is more than Blood Pressure!

Mean arterial MAP Blood Pressure and Nursing and Vitals go hand in hand, but blood pressure and interpretation of the Mean Arterial Pressure is necessary to recognize potential problems or “seeing the boat coming” . Mean Arterial Pressure is necessary to be above 65 for perfusion of the vital organs,Read More

Bradycardia and the Underlying Cause!

Looking at is all and underlying cause since The heart rate is normally regulated by the Autonomic nervous System and as with tachycardia it reacts to the physiological underlying cause in my post “Most Pts Do Wish” Bradycardia is usually medications or electrolytes. In this sheet I cover “Black 3dRead More