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Abnormal Pulse Ox is it in the CARDS?

Pulse Oximetry is not always what it seems, and never treat the machine- Always assess the numbers for an underlying cause of the abnormal before an intervention is placed. This stickenote covers underlying causes of Low Pulse Oximetry.      

Al Be as a Sulfur Pencel? Whats Albumin Have to do with it?>

Did you Al be asa Acid Sulfa Pencel I know spelled wrong but theses are the reasons for low albumin or possible reasons. Though Albumin is a chronic Lab since it’s  Made in the liver and the half life is 20 days it is usually the true indicator of chronicRead More

Orthostatics isn’t always Dehydration 20/10/10!

In this StickEnote I cover 20/10/10 Orthostatic Symptoms related to medications. Since Orthostatics are generally used to check fluid status we need to be aware of certain medications that also cause orthostatic medications like SAND FAN! The patient starts off lying where blood pressure is taken, then moved to sittingRead More

NCLEX-200-Medications that affect Magnesium Levels_MEDS_StickEnotes_Nursing KAMP LAB-088

Magnesium Usually Low and these may be the meds!

Magnesium is absorbed in the small intestines, with the rest excreted by the kidneys. Magnesium has a direct relationship with Calcium and phosphorus. Meaning if they are calcium or phosphorus is low the magnesium is down as well. Magnesium deficiency is the most likely on inpatient admissions due to nutritionRead More

Hemoglobin VS Hematocrit

In this StickEnote I go over the connection of Hemoglobin and Hematocrit. Hgb – Hemoglobin = 10 – 14 Females 12-16 Males • Hemoglobin carries oxygen so it’s about perfusion • Low is Acute and it is either bleeding or needing a transfusion • Chronic LACCK –Leukemia Anemia Cancer ChronicRead More

New Fishbone Screensaver post

I changed my screensaver Fishbone poster Save Image! Nurseon! NEW BOOK OUT NOW ON ETSY!! Click Here to See the New Book!

Beta 1 or Beta 2 What’s a Nurse to Do?

Medication Overview- Beta Blockers What: Beta 1 receptors are found primarily in the Heart 1 Heart Beta 1 and Beta 2 Receptors are found in the Lungs 2 Lungs Beta 2 Why: The concept is important since Beta Blocker medications are broken up into two types selective and non-selective. ThisRead More

New Clinical KAMP Book and Badges Out!

Finished my Clinical KAMP book that incorporates my Assessment sheets and the Blood Book into one, also the new fishbone pen and new ID badges check them out in my Etsy Shop! Great gift for the nurse you know! Remember if you need to get in touch with me MessageRead More