Orthostatics isn’t always Dehydration 20/10/10!

In this StickEnote I cover 20/10/10 Orthostatic Symptoms related to medications.

Since Orthostatics are generally used to check fluid status we need to be aware of certain medications that also cause orthostatic medications like SAND FAN!

The patient starts off lying where blood pressure is taken, then moved to sitting where blood pressure is taken again- then usually within 1 minute you have the patient stand- (Time is different per policy of the hospital so generally not tested on)

20/10/10 – changes

If there is a variation generally decreased of 20 Systolic 10 diastolic with a pulse difference of 10 in any of these areas the patient should be further evaluated.

Orthostatic Medication causes Dehydration Nursing KAMP study Sheet

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