Al Be as a Sulfur Pencel? Whats Albumin Have to do with it?>

Did you Al be asa Acid Sulfa Pencel I know spelled wrong but theses are the reasons for low albumin or possible reasons.

Though Albumin is a chronic Lab since it’s  Made in the liver and the half life is 20 days it is usually the true indicator of chronic problems in the liver.

Though some medications cause false elevations like Heparin, Some cause decrease levels like antibiotics, aspirin and absorbic acid.

So look at you albumin and high or low as is this an acute problem or are medications or liver causing it so look at your liver labs(AST, ALT)  whenever Albumin is low

AS A Sulfur Pen CEL”

  • ASA (false)
  • Sulfonamides (false)
  • Absorobic Acid Vitamin C (false)
  • Peniccilin
  • Cancer
  • Ederly
  • Liver Disease

ALB Albumin Liver Diagram Nursing KAMP StickEnotes TBB NK site

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