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The Nurses Notes- The Blood Book


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These are the labs you need to know!

Do you want to know all the labs you should know? The methods used in this book are teaching Nurse to Nurse I cut to the chase on what you need to know and explore the foundation of labs and the thought process between defining an Acute lab and Chronic one.


 The book easily explains labs around blood diagrams starting with what you really need to know in your practice and the NCLEX. I focus on identifying what is important and when you will need have interventions,assess or evaluate the patient.


Included is numerous diagrams outlining the mnemonics and the lab diagrams and the pathophysiology behind them. I go over electrolytes, labs High and Low and ways to remember the labs values.


Also, included are all of the diagrams so they may be printed for studying.

I will be adding new study sheets so be sure to follow me on social media Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram for future additions.


  • CBC: WBC Hgb Hct Pt
  • BMP: Na K Cl Co2 BUN,
  • PT/INR: Pt, Ptt, INR
  • Liver Gram: AST, ALT, Bilirubin
  • Renal Gram: Ca, Mg, Phos
  • Endocrine: Lipase, Amylase
  • Other Labs: BNP Glucose , Differential and More!




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